Mittwoch, August 26, 2009

So He's Dead...

Edward "Ted" Kennedy has died.

Before the eulogies start rolling in, let's not forget the one thing that never let him go: Chappaquiddick. Even the Firefox spellchecker knows how to spell that word because of the history involved.

Ted Kennedy was responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

She was one of the "boiler room girls", who analyzed how Democratic delegates were planning to vote. She was deeply into politics and had worked for Robert Kennedy before he was assassinated.

I won't speculate on drinking, sex or anything else: just the fact that Edward "Ted" Kennedy failed to report the accident until after the car and the body of Mary Jo Kopechne were found the next day. This irresponsibility - to make things worse, while he did tell her parents before the news was released, he didn't tell them that he was the driver - reflected on his character (poorly) and ensured that he would never be able to run for President. It wasn't an oversight on his part: he was, at the end of the day, completely and totally responsible and failed in his responsibility.

Is this appropriate to point out when someone dies?

I'm not going to eulogize the man. He was a political opportunist and died before he could once again bend a few laws for the benefit of his party. He was a consummate Democrat and a leader of his party.

Which does not reflect well upon the Democrats.

May his soul find rest and succor in God's grace.

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