Dienstag, März 15, 2005

Pathetic blogging...

Hi -

My blogging right now is nothing less than pathetic. But I got reasons!

1) 110 new industrial models estimated with interdependencies based on 2000 I-O tables
2) 110 new dossiers
3) expansion of derived rating towards complete coverage of NACE rev 1.1
4) other increases in productivity that will allow me to get done in 2-3 weeks what now takes 4-6 weeks, with the emphasis on heading towards 1 1/2 weeks
5) explaining chained-weight statistics to colleagues
6) financial planning heading towards being able to think about retirement in anything less than 20 years
7) helping my daughters out with understanding quadratic equations
8) the complete Farscape, seasons 1-4 with the miniseries (thanks, Cord!)

So, that's the reason things have been so meagre here. Improvement will come after I get the
2005Q1 delivery out to my customers.

Ta for now, won't be back until then. :-p