Freitag, August 28, 2009

Kill The Messenger...

The EPA is apparently deciding to close the National Center for Environmental Economics, or NCEE.


Because of an analyst who refused to get on the bandwagon. Read here for more.

What does the NCEE do?
  • Conducts and supervises research and development on economic analytic methods
  • Leads production of EPA economic reports
  • Provides guidance for performing economic analysis
  • Promotes consistency in the preparation and presentation of economic information in the Agency
(from their web site here)

Dr. Carlin, the "Senior Analyst" in question, has been with the EPA since 1983. His sin? Reporting that there was, in his opinion, no link between anthropogenic CO2 and temperature trends, given the most recent published science.

Talk about shooting the messenger: this isn't shooting him, it's killing off the entire department. Economics has no role to play in the fever-driven eco-paradise of the Democrats and their green friends.

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