Mittwoch, August 19, 2009

The Crowning Glory Of The Left...

This over on IBD reminding me what the crowning glory of the left is today.


Nothing more, nothing less. Intimidation by unions thugs, intimidation by academic thugs, and most of all attempted intimidation by political thugs in the form of Democratic congressmen (and women).

Such a lovely, crowning achievement to a movement with such an illustrious history of human rights support by such folks as Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao.

If you can't win on the field of ideas, beat your opponents up behind the dugout.

If you can't count on the electorate voting the way you insist, then use Black Panthers to intimidate them (and later give them a get-out-of-jail card).

If you can't count on getting people fired for their political views, then go after them wherever they work.

The left is by all standards and benchmarks thoroughly ideologically discredited, ethically bankrupt, morally depraved and unable to exert even a modicum of intelligent debate into the questions and challenges facing us today.

What remains is Chicago politics, thuggery, outright politically motivated violence and intimidation.

Well, what do you expect of a party who thinks that sexual exploitation of subordinates is just fine and dandy, that freezers are the best place to put bribes, that extortion is just fine and that citizens shouldn't be trusted with their inalienable rights? That was the party blocking civil rights legislation in the name of maintaining "separate but equal" and whose most senior members were advocates of keeping blacks down?

Lovely legacy, that. The crowning glory of the left in the US is common thuggery and intimidation.

Welcome to Chicago...

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