Mittwoch, August 26, 2009

A Shining Example...

Hassan Nemazee, the Finance Chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign, was indicted on 25 Aug 2009 for fraud, supplying references that were controlled by him and falsifying documents in order to obtain a $74 mn loan from Citigroup. Not much available on deeper detail, though. What is here is from this.

He's paid back the money, apparently. He was arrested while trying to leave the country (purportedly for a vacation to Italy).

Good friend of the Clintons, the Kerries, and a big spender for the Democrats.

A shining example of who the Democrats really are: more than willing to lie and commit fraud to get ahead.

After all, we're not talking small fries here. $74mn isn't exactly chicken feed. Nemazee Capital, his company, is in real estate, but the predecessor, Nemazee Holdings, got its start by entering into a rather unusual partnership with ... AIG.

Classic case of how the Democrats operate and thrive: guy gives them money, he gets tossed deals and work in exchange. He gives them more money and helps them with finances, more deals are tossed his way. Virtuous circle...until the indictment comes.He's been known to set up Democratic operatives - like Terry McAuliffe - in lucrative jobs between political jobs.

Oh, and apparently Al Gore's involved as well...

Hey, if it works in Chicago...

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