Mittwoch, Februar 15, 2006

We're being played with...

So, let's correlate a couple of news items and make sense of them.

First of all, we've got European politicians already figuring out how much appeasement they think is necessary in order to get back on the good side of "Islam".

The Islamists involved are happy for the governments to take most of the blame. But not all of it: after all, they're muslims and therefore professional victims.

Second of all, they're doing this because of violently demonstrating muslims on the streets of key European countries.

Third of all, the Dutch police arrest at least two people who are apparently from Hamas who were instigating the riots.

Do you see a picture developing here? See the rough shape while the piece of photographic paper soaks in the developer? The contours of the picture are starting to show up...

When I was in Jordan in 1977, I learned one or two things that stuck with me. First of all, in terms of native intelligence there are smart people everywhere. There are also dumb people everywhere. But never, ever, assume that if you have an education that you're necessarily smarter than someone from the Third World: assume this and at some point sooner or later you will get you ass handed to you on a platter. Second, asymmetric information means that the average educated Jordanian will know vastly more about the US and the West than the average educated American or European will know about Jordan or whatever Third-World country we're talking about.

This is what we are facing here: the first concentrated attempt at intimidation using violence on the streets of Europe. The violence is not spontaneous, but rather carefully calculated and laid out.

The fact that we in the West really don't take politics seriously, dead serious as the Iranians and the Syrians do, is being used against us. We're being played with: the Iranians and the Syrians are playing with their new political tools.

These tools?

Unemployed muslim youths, manipulated and radicalized. Cannon fodder, ready to riot at the drop of a hat, coddled and the result of institutionalized belief in victimization, irresponsible, excitable, sexually frustrated. Street fightin' boys.

Craven western politicians whose unwillingness to fight the above on the streets of Amsterdam and elsewhere means, for the Iranians and the Syrians, that they are weak and easily dominated. More than willing to avoid conflict by appeasement and already halfway to dhimmitude.

The mere existence of western civilization: they don't need to wait for an excuse, the fundamental reason is always there.

The Iranians and Syrians behind the Danish brouhaha are clever people, dedicated and more than willing to spill blood on the streets of European towns. They are going to use western liberalism as a weapon against the West, the weapon that the West has given to them. They will be using tolerance as an excuse for intolerance; they will be using
demography as a weapon; they will play on their assumed role of permanent victim, complete with wailing women and hysterical elders, coupled with resolute, refined and slick spokesmen, playing good muslim/bad muslim games to keep the pot at the necessary simmer to take it to a boil whenever they want.

We're being played with. The Neo-Islamists - those abusing Islam for political purposes - are learning how to play their political game in western Europe. It's not our political game, as the street fighting days in Europe have become rare since Weimar and the assimilation of the '68 generation. But it is their game.

The question is how to play the game if we don't even know the rules (if there are any that we can understand in our western rationality).

We're being played with. And the appeasement will make things worse rather than better.

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