Sonntag, Februar 05, 2006

Desperate for work, are they?

I continue to have a hard time understanding actors. (Hat tip: CounterTerrrorism)

These two have chosen to act in a blatantly anti-American film , acting as the bad guys. Both have played bad guys in a number of movies, but how desperate for work are these actors that they will act as the bad guys in a anti-US propaganda movie?

Time to boycott their films: Zane and Busey, if you were desperate for work when you took this job on, you should really be desperate for work when people realize what sort of aid and comfort you've given.

Not so much despicable as really, really, really stupid. Confirms what I've always thought about Hollywood actors: underscores the absurdity of the left who adores them when they go all political on you...

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