Donnerstag, Februar 16, 2006

And the difference is?

Great. I open up this morning's Financial Times.

This is the paper that refuses to print the cartoons from Denmark because it might offend muslim sensibilities.

So what do I see?

Front page, a full 1/3rd of the page above the gutter, best possible positioning: hey, everyone, new pictures from Abu Ghraib! Lookie lookie lookie!

Like this doesn't offend muslim sensibilties?

So, FT and all you other jive-ass reporters and editors: What's the difference?

All you do is add oil to the flames. You are complete and total idiots.

And you can't even get your stories straight.

What little respect I had for journalists was just pissed away.

So, what's the difference?

Of course, it's something the Americans did. It's been sliced and diced and dissected what went on there. But nooooooooo, let's not put Abu Ghraib behind us.

Let's tear off the scab and pour salt into the wound and call up all of our friends to come on over.

The journalistic excuse of not wanting to upset sensible muslims for not showing the cartoons has just been blown away.

Idiots is much too much a nice word for this.

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