Dienstag, Februar 07, 2006


We all know that Islam considers itself to be the Religion of Peace. Heck, if you could trademark that phrase, they'd have done it a long time ago.

But consider the fact that what they mean by peace is not that which we mean by peace, much like what the Soviets meant by peace was anything like what the West meant by peace.

I don't want to go all-out semantic, but Islam means submission: the world of Islam is the world of peace, while those not of Islam are, per definitio, not of peace.

Just like what the Soviets meant back when: mir doesn't mean peace, but rather subjugation.

Beware those who claim to be the peacemakers.

Trust those who own the Peacekeepers.

And yes, there are multiple meanings there: the MX missile was called the Peacekeeper, and in one of my favorite TV series, Farscape, the bad guys were called Peacekeepers. :-)

But seriously: what the Religion of Peace means when it speaks of peace is the peace of submission and as a necessary correlary subjugation, purportedly voluntary but disingeniously so.

The religion of "peace" doesn't want the peace that we know: it wants the West to submit. The cartoon conflict is just the tip of the iceberg: what the muslims are demanding is that we submit to them.

And not merely avoid insulting them. It's intended to be a slow and insidious process, starting with "acceptance" of differing cultures, followed by allowing forced marriages and accepting public slaughtering of sacrificial lambs, followed by allowing the alternative of religious schools to state schools, followed by one small step after another. It involves a slow self-censorship, where there is no public outcry about female circumcision and female slavery in Islam; where feminists do not care about their muslim sisters because it would offend sensibilities; where prosecutors don't even think of investigating corruption among the mullahs to avoid controversy; where the newspapers are afraid to print something that might offend; where governments close their eyes when Islamic countries acquire nuclear capabilities and ignore the warnings because it would create controversy and harm relations...

Yes, it's perhaps a matter of semantics when pointing out what the religion of "peace" means.

But it's better than submitting. If after the cartoon conflict that true nature of Islam as it exists today - a religion taken over by extremists, dedicated to despotic rule and fascistic control, currently completey incapable of reformation - isn't crystal clear and obvious, then...

...perhaps you've already started on the road to dhimmitude, of submission, of surrender.

Enjoy your slavery. It'll be at first a comfortable one, safe and without conflict: but that of your children will be terrible.

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