Dienstag, Februar 07, 2006

Ouch. Ouuuuuuuuch.

This has to go down in recent history as one of the better nastygrams. (Hat tip: One Hand Clapping)

Obama approached McCain with the goal of once again trying to reform campaign financing, a topic held relatively dear by McCain. Apparently Obama has had second thoughts...

Why is this worthy of a comment?

Because it shows just how deceitful even young Democrats are apparently becoming. Further, Senator Obama is an up-and-coming star of the party: young, successful, charismatic, black, populist.

Which apparently doesn't mean a hill of beans to the Democrats: he has obviously been caught in being deceitful. But this is a surprise to McCain?

At least McCain has the honesty to publish this out there for all to read: that it's a tad embarrassing for McCain to have been caught believing that Democrats are interested in the public interest.

And it's interesting to see how little the public interest is served by the Democrats.


Scott hat gesagt…

Yikes! Them's fightin' words!

I'm amazed to see something like that in writing. I mean, you know talk like that goes on behind closed doors all the time, but to see it in public...

Right on! Is McCain always this open?

John F. Opie hat gesagt…

Hi Scott -

Yep, fighting words indeed.

I met McCain back in 1988 in DC at a social function and he was calmly, deliberately and with great enjoyment dismantling a couple of liberals so that they ended up standing, as it were, in their proverbial underwear in the middle of a gale.

McCain usually isn't this open: what got his dander up was the duplicity of Obama.

Of course, Obama denies the whole thing...

Well, he would now, wouldn't he?