Freitag, Februar 24, 2006

A Comic Farce

Well, the forecast round is over. Damn that was a lot of numbers.

I went over to MEMRI while compiling something in the background and found this. Apparently Tom & Jerry are Agents of International Zionism, having been invented by that nefarious Jew, Walt Disney.

Walt Disney was Jewish?

This is indicative of what we are dealing with in the Middle East, or at least Iran.

Here you've got an Iranian professor, a member of the film council of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, cultural advisor to the Iranian Education Ministry, Professor Hasan Bolkhari.

Who says that Tom and Jerry is designed to improve the image of Jews.

According to him, the Germans called the Jews "dirty mice". Tom's a mouse, so... I won't bore you with the rest: it is random noise at best.

No German uses the term "dirty mice" (dreckige Mäuse); they'd use the term "dreckige Ratten", or dirty rats. If anything, Germans use the word "Mäuse" to refer to money ("Hast Du die Mäuse", Do you have the cash?) or as a term of endearment ("Mäuschen", little mouse).

And these people are demanding to be respected?

Finding out that Disney had NOTHING to do Tom & Jerry, that Disney was a Congregationalist, and a rather devout one at that, and that indeed he became rather anti-semitic towards the end of his life (had to do with becoming ardently anti-communist), this all took me, what, 90 second or so? Googled on "walt disney religion" and on "tom & jerry copyright".

Having the internet means that when you're dealing with conspiracy freaks, it sort of is like shooting fish in a barrel. But this guy is a professor, a film professional, and fundamentally incompetent. Let me repeat: it took me no more than 90 seconds to find out that what he is saying is so bogus that it isn't even funny.

It's pathetic. Like I said: these people are demanding to be respected?

For what?

Oh, and I think Turner Entertainment now owns the rights to Tom & Jerry, although this isn't so clear. In any case, it's not Disney: Tom & Jerry were done by Hanna & Barbera for a while, but MGM started them up as theatrical cartoons. This site gives a link to a history of the cartoon, which is your basic slapstick. Barbera of Hanna & Barbera pretty much hated Disney: they drove a studio he was working for at the time basically out of business. Tom & Jerry received no less than 7 Academy Awards over 18 years during the Hanna & Barbera time period.

Oh, and yes, the first Tom & Jerry cartoon was made in 1939.  Before the Holocaust.

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