Samstag, September 24, 2005

Yet another take on the German election...

I've been busy with work: quarterly deadlines coming up and my data, as usual, sucks.

I've been reading the Daily Demarche for a while, and he's got a good take on the German elections that y'all should read.

There are a lot of Germans who think that because the US interest in Germany isn't as great as the German interest in the US, Americans are therefore ignorant of what is going on in the world.

Helllllloooo: it's incredibly annoying for the Germans to be ignored. But you know what?

Germany has made itself irrelevant. It's complete and total inability to help preventing the spread of radical Islamists is apparent in the fact that Germany is a safe haven for terrorists, something hotly denied and yet transparently obvious. Since the WTC cell left Hamburg to complete its mission, the German courts haven't even been able to convict their helpers, sending a devastating message to fellow travellers; no Islamicists have been expelled (Kaplan doesn't count, his absurd situation existed well before then...) for conspiracy or collusion with terrorist groups. The German polity isn't willing to admit that they are keeping vipers in the same room as their children, and that means when such vipers are discovered, they are "placed under observation" and left alone. Political correctness runs amok.

If Germany were to make itself relevant, than a waitress in Cleveland might make sure that when German tourists come in, they'd get an extra portion of apple pie for desert as a thanks for putting their sons and daughters at risk. But as long as Germany sits on the wayside, perched on top of a stalled car that is the German economy, yelling epithets at the troops driving by, why, until that changes, Germany will continue to be irrelevant.

Because they have made themselves so.

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