Donnerstag, September 15, 2005

Why the UN is heading for a meltdown...

According to this the Iranians are willing to "share" their nuclear technology with other "Islamic" nations. Great. Syria with the bomb?

And even when the US and Europe realized that there really isn't any point in talking with the Iranians, since the Iranians aren't serious about not developing nuclear weapons, there is apparently serious opposition (from whom, pray tell? Chinese and Russians? The perfidious French? The soon-to-be-voted-out Germans?) to bringing the problem to the Security Council.

In other words, the UN will fail once again, fail due to corruption, incompetence, appeasement and abject fear. The UN is simply not able to actually do anything and the parallels to the League of Nations are starting to not look good.

Not good, not good at all.

The future? The world will repeat the 1930s, with appeasers on giving ground to military-political threats from fundamentally violent and crypto-fascistic regimes whose only claim to fame is the bomb and a perverted ideology.

Folks, been there, done that. Next time it's really gonna hurt. It's an abject failure of reason and intelligence versus naked power, greed and fanatacism. When this is all over, there's gonna be great clamor for a world government, because you don't want to know what a modern war can do to a population even without the use of nuclear weapons. The actual campaign in Iraq to topple that bunch of thieves and murderers was nothing in comparison. There were more than 60 mn dead in WW2, a WW3 even without nuclear weapons will be vastly larger.

And the failure of the UN to even get its house into order gives you an idea of how bad things really are. The shortsightedness, corruption and sheer stupidity that you can see there today will cost millions and millions of lives.

And if someone uses a nuclear weapon against the US, all bets are off. Want to shut down the Iranian nuclear program? I can guess that no more than 40 small-yield weapons would suffice. North Korea? 20. Pakistan if it goes Islamofascist? 10.

Sheer stupidity. The world has become a vastly more dangerous place since the end of the Cold War, and yet many think we're at peace. Idiots all.



Jay Denari hat gesagt…

Hi, John,

Regardless of who's at fault, things are looking pretty bad. I'm surprised the "Doomsday Clock" hasn't been shoved quite a bit closer to midnight recently...

Part of the problem is that the UN is NOT a world government; it has no authority, and any influence it has on events is entirely dependent on the support of its members. When the US and other key countries playing power games rather than actually negotiating over real issues (for ex., the NPT), all of us lose.

I suspect we may indeed hear calls for a real world govt, especially if this devolves into WW3... if there's enoough of civilization left to HAVE a world govt. I support the idea... provided it's organized as a democracy. We have the ability & technology to do it right if we can just recognize that we have major responsibilities to the rest of the world to use our power in ways that benefit everyone.

John F. Opie hat gesagt…

Hi Jay -

Agree largely.

But the problem will be is that I can't see an emerging world government being, in the eyes of the 3rd world, not the same as the re-introduction of colonialism.

The problems we're seing are the result of incompetence (in getting people clean water and the like) and greed (prefering to put developmental help into the hands of cronies, when not siphoning off significant amounts of money directly).

Changing these will mean that you have to dismantle current paths to goals. That's gonna look a lot like imperialism and colonialism to these folks.

And you know what? It probably is. But it may be necessary to stop millions of deaths.