Sonntag, September 25, 2005

Stuck on Stupid..

Well, I can currently think of no better expose on the culpability and incompetence of the media than this.

The media is presenting the fizzled anti-war protest as grass-roots, as organic and spontaneous, when it is anything but that.

Their goal was at least 100,000: only a portion showed up, according to Reuters. And taking a further look you can see that even "thousands" is misleading in the Reuters piece: go to ABC and the number is down to 2,000. Two thousand, most of whom probably showed up for the free concert.

Where are the press reports covering the abject and total failure of the US peace movement and its reduction to a hard core of ANSWER dominated fools?

I googled and yahooed, but ignored the left's own sites, sticking to the mainstream media: I found this, which isn't exactly mainstream (sorry, OC Weekly); there is this from Boston, but that just underscores how useful idiots are exploited by dedicated wackos; and finally this from 2003, on how the peace movement blew it.

Come on, media: this is pathetic. You've got a grrrreat story out there: how millions of people were misled and lied to by a pack of authoritarian opportunists whose only goal is political control. Media, can't you understand that this is what you're supposed to be able to do: dig out the truth.

Stuck on Stupid: give that General a dollar for everytime that phrase is used and Katrina is paid for.