Donnerstag, September 29, 2005

And you think I'm being harsh on France?

Sorry that this post isn't properly formatted, but for some typically unexplainable reason I can't access blogspot, google or gmail properly. Probably have to reset my router once again... :-(

I don't want to get too much into France-bashing, but ran across this at No Pasaran, a blog always worth reading, that is too important to pass up.

Here's the money quote:

He now accuses his former company of having installed a vast corruption system in France and abroad. He talks about a Thalès lawyer who validated a vast bribery system in a lot of countries. "There are 2 kind of countries: those where bribery is unavoidable (Africa, Korea, Greece, Italy) and those where you can do business without tampering (several European countries, North America, Australia, NZ). And France? It depends on local and national political interests."

In foreign countries, he relates Operation Miksa, a bribery system in order to deliver security devices to Saudi Arabia. But this system was diverted in order to deliver chemical weapons to Saddam as Iraq suffered the UN the embargo of Oil-for-food program.

This doesn't surprise me at all, not should it you: the French sold a chemical weapons company to Iraq in clear contravention of the embargo and hid it as a plant to make milk powder for Iraqi kids.

Sound familiar? Does this sound familiar? Or this?

Maybe US intelligence is better than you think...


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