Mittwoch, Mai 05, 2010

Three Dead...

I'm reminded of the old Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song "Four Dead in Ohio". But now it's three dead in Athens.

Anarchists have killed three in Athens, killed when a bank was Molotov'ed and set on fire. The three - two women and a man - tried to escape but were overcome by smoke on the stairs leading to the roof and then burned to death.

Nice going, there.

Back when I was a student, the Anarchist factions of the Left were considered to be the coolest, all dressed in black, their faces covered with bandannas (black, of course), and they were always up for a nice Molotov'ing to protest something or other. They were basically the political version of punks, dedicated to simply being against everything and enjoying the chaos.

In reality, they were the usual petty criminals and slackers, more often than not displaying serious affectation, and it was a great way to get girls.

There is nothing romantic about the left, especially anarchists. This popular mythology has been perpetuated far too long. Anarchists are posers, romantic cowards hiding behind a mythology without base or sense.

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