Sonntag, Mai 16, 2010

Another Nail In The Coffin...

Here's another nail in the coffin (hat tip: Watts Up With That). Someone else has been caught falsifying the data behind climatology.

Key quote:

Science claims a special place in the trust of the public because of its unswerving adherence to certain objective methodologies, involving transparency, peer review, replicability and honest purpose. NIWA has forfeited that trust in so many ways.

NIWA is the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, and has been caught red-handed.


The official temperature record is wrong. The instrumental raw data correctly show that New Zealand average temperatures have remained remarkably steady at 12.6°C +/- 0.5°C for a century and a half. NIWA's doctoring of that data is indefensible. 

The NSS is the outcome of a subjective data series produced by a single Government scientist, whose work has never been peer-reviewed or subjected to proper quality checking. It was smuggled into the official archive without any formal process. It is undocumented and sans metadata, and it could not be defended in any court of law. Yet the full line-up of NIWA climate scientists has gone to extraordinary lengths to support this falsified warming and to fiercely attack its critics.

As the saying goes, go read the whole thing. This is another nail in the coffin for the arguments aimed at seizing control of the world's economy.

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