Montag, Mai 17, 2010

The Faces of Corruption...

This is an interesting list.

Robert Ruben, Greenspan, Summers, Gramm, Dimon, Friedman, Steel, Paulson, Buffet, and Goldman Sachs.

While I'd disagree with the choice of Greenspan, the others? Sounds like a fair cop: corrupt. Clear conflicts of interest, clear fraud, clear cases of people manipulating the system so that they and their friends can exploit the system for fun and profit. Ruben drove deregulation and helped repeal Glass-Steagall, which if still in place would have prevented much of what we've seen. I'd forgotten the role that Summers played in screwing Russia.

Again, it largely goes back to the Clintons. This has been festering under cover of darkness for quite a while.

Time to uncover and disinfect.

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