Dienstag, Mai 18, 2010

A Hapless Presidency...

President Obama is hapless. Not hopeless - he may be that as well - but hapless, cutting a wretched and unfortunate picture of someone whose is apparently incapable of getting anything right.

This underscores how hapless he is. Seriously.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and politics abhors a leadership vacuum. This administration is turning out to be even worse than that of Carter: at least Carter still had the respect of countries like the Soviet Union and China when he turned out to be so terribly incompetent as President.

Obama doesn't even have that.

Why is this important?

Simple: we've seen the first glimpse of what a multi-polar world looks like. We see a rogue nation - Iran - cut a deal with two ambitious countries - Brazil and Turkey - to do business in exchange for political backing. We don't know the details of what sort of deal was cut, but we do know that one has been cut.

This is the re-invention of the classic old Machtpolitik, power politics, with secret deals, enemies masquerading as friends and deals being cut with a purported enemy. This is the face of a world where the US fails in its central role due to a lack of leadership.

President Obama couldn't be bothered with foreign policy: the only thing that the rest of the world is good for is making him look good when it comes time for elections. He's more concerned and interested in making sure that his gets theirs - that the people in and around the Obama Machine (which is what the Chicago Machine has become outside of Illinois) make out like bandits while not getting caught doing anything, dividing their opponents and creating a toxic environment in which only they can survive. Trillions in debt to bail out failed Democratic policies, trillions in debt in order to deny reality (that the welfare state can't be paid for and that the shibboleth of the Left, the War on Poverty, has abysmally failed as it must fail), and an enormous disinterest in what happens outside of the borders of the US except as it may impinge on election results.

Odd that the world doesn't play along with the Obama Administration and that other interests are emerging to fill that vacuum.

Hapless is actually being extraordinarily generous. He's being rolled, big time, and the damage to US interests will increase over time from significant to extreme. Secretary of State Clinton is failing to grasp the fact that the world doesn't operate according to her deepest desires: the move of Turkey here reflects the fact that Turkey has been lost, effectively, as a US ally in the area. She and President Obama can hope to positively influence Turkey, but the reality is that the Obama Administration has shown these countries that they have no reason to respect the interests of the US.

Ye gods...

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