Freitag, März 12, 2010

Watch and Weep...

The idiocy that passes for education in the United States can be seen, in devastating form, here.

One quote: The Government is guilty of child abuse.

Watch it.

Mr. Oliver's point is really that education in the US has failed miserably at educating kids to understand the most basic things and is directly responsible for what amounts to child abuse, force-feeding kids food that has been ruined by institutional food preparation runs by accountants and lawyers. He thinks - rather mistakenly, I am sorry to say - that the current Administration is even capable of changing this (via Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign), while in fact the lack of teaching about such extreme basics is a function of modern education in and of itself. Given the fact that the Obama Administration will do absolutely nothing to endanger teacher's unions, they are themselves part of the problem and not the solution.

Our daughters learned to cook at an early age and enjoy doing so. While prepackaged foods are convenient, cooking is really simply too much fun to let someone else do the job for you.

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