Montag, März 01, 2010

Waking Up...

Goodness Gracious.

Some of our allies are slowly, slowly waking up. Well, at least one is.

The British.

Read here and remember that this is The Guardian, probably the least US-friendly mass-circulation newspaper in the UK.

Killer quote:

Washington's neutral policy and its failure to uphold automatically the right to self-determination is fuelling the already widespread suspicion that Obama's America has more respect for its enemies than its friends.

To coin a phrase: duh.

Obama's record of dealing with the British cannot be understood as anything less than sheer incompetence if it is innocent, and if it is not, then the repudiation of a relationship that is over 100 years old (the "special relationship", that is).


If the dispute became serious, diplomats are certain that Obama would back Britain, and most Latin American governments would quietly applaud him.

Are we seeing a Guns Of August type of misconception? Perhaps, perhaps not. After all, the Argentinian government is not the one that desperately tried to save its domestic catastrophe via foreign adventure.

Or is it?

But if not over the Falklands then on some other crisis, Obama will have to make up his mind whether he wants to be a liberal president or to follow the worst rather than the best traditions of neoconservatism and hold that basic principles can always be sacrificed for the sake of a usually deluded view of the American national interest.

Yep, you have a British journalist from the Left all but accusing President Obama of being, at the end of the day, a neo-con.

Ye Boisterous and Unruly Gods.

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