Dienstag, März 02, 2010

Remember Where The Money Comes From...

In this case, the money that finances the Democrats.

Reading this reminded me of that.

Take a look here and think about it: the Democratic Party is the party of lawyers.

Lawyers and Law Firms contributed $12,307,286 to the Democratic Party.

Lawyers and Law Firms contributed $1,996,476 to the Republican Party.

Much of what at least some lawyers make nowadays is just a tad shy of legal extortion (see the first link above to understand how this works and why). So is there any wonder when the Obama Administration  -  President Obama took in no less than $43,071,129 from lawyers and law firms to get elected - puts together legislation, that this legislation will be the nicest thing that happened to lawyers?

To be fair, McCain received $9,930,296 from lawyers as well. That's still over a 4:1 ratio.

Without tort reform, no reshuffling of health care insurance can work to keep costs down.

But this Administration, which proclaims to the heavens that it is not beholden to special interests, is heavily indebted to lawyers and law firms.

Party of the little people? Of the worker, of the single moms struggling to get by? The compassionate party, the party that cares?

That is the biggest lie out there. The Democratic Party has been bought, lock, stock and barrel.

That's why we have soldiers who have to call in first and ask a lawyer whether they can shoot first in combat.

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