Dienstag, Februar 09, 2010

What Chinese Hegemony Looks Like...

This is instructive.

First of all, the author presumes that the only reason that the US sells arms to Taiwan is to annoy China (i.e. there can be no legitimate reason for the Taiwanese to want to defend themselves).

But this is the telling paragraph, one that exemplifies the China that is emerging:

It is time for the U.S. to change its hegemonic way of thinking. Since China dares to challenge the U.S. while it is still in its stage of nation-building, others should be able to comprehend what the U.S. is doing based on how China deals with the U.S.'s provocation and persistently hypocritical ways. Now, perhaps people will change their favorable opinions of Obama overnight. If you think your country's national interests are important and you choose to continually challenge China, treading on China's core interests, then you have to pay the price for doing so!

In other words, your national interests are subordinate to those of China: that is the core of hegemony, when nation-states place their own interests below the interests of the state claiming hegemony.

Welcome to the brave new world of Chinese hegemony: you will have to pay a price for placing your own national interests before those of China.

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