Montag, Februar 22, 2010

Not Industry Friendly...

Well, as the phrase goes, no shit, Sherlock. This underscores it.

Of course the Obama Administration isn't industry-friendly: virtually no one in the Administration has every actually run a company and they have absolutely no idea what the effects of their heavy-handed, Chicago-style political methods will be. They think they're so smart: what they are is clueless when it comes to the real world.

Of course, they think their world actually is the real world, and for them it is: nothing else matters beyond their ability to wield political power to get things done.

Of course, they are leaving a path of destruction behind them, one that will cost dearly.

The first story points to how the NHTSA - National Highway Transport Safety Administration, the folks who worry about car and road safety -  is now run by folks who don't really care about industry engineering issues and care instead about legal issues. Well, duh: working with the industry to work out what can be done about car safety and efficiency is a lot harder than telling car makers that they have to make tiny green cars that get great mileage and are ultra-safe. Choose two of three: only lawyers think that you can do all three.

You see, that's the problem: you can't change the laws of physics by passing a law.

You can't stop health costs from increasing at the rate they have without reforming tort law so that liability insurance isn't so completely over-the-top because any fool can sue. But, sure, hey, let's pass a law against price increases, take that Mr. Nasty Insurance Company.

This means that health care providers will see their profit margins shrink. Those on the left say "Good, you shouldn't be making money off of sick people," but don't realize that after a while, no one will be left in the business.

The next health care crisis is coming: it will be one of unavailability of services, of rationing.

I'll repeat this: I know I sound like a broken record, but we simply need to demand a higher quality of work from our government.

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