Sonntag, Februar 21, 2010

Ah, Others Are Starting To Notice...

It would take a foreign newspaper to notice the Chicago connection. Most US newspapers are too cowed and intimidated to do so (those, of course, who aren't direct part of the game plan...hence a very small minority).

Read this and understand: President Obama is a product of the Chicago party machine, and as such is the product of the most corrupt political machine in all of North America.

You see, it's never about principle and making things better for those in need: it's always about using the office for personal gain and to promote the extension and continuation of political control over the purse strings.

Government has gotten so large, handles so much money, that of course it attracts those who want "what is theirs" for having helped getting politicians elected.

The dismantling of NASA is an example: deemed largely unnecessary in the greater scheme of things Obama-oriented, it is being reduced to offering joy rides to make third-world government look good, but only for the next several years before the funding is axed because, according to that liberal axiom that we've all heard for decades "why should we spend all that money on space when we have so many problems at home".

President Obama's "Chicago Team" are barely even one step removed from their home town behavior, of political thuggery. Sending a dead fish to a pollster because the polls weren't good? Duh.

Here are the Chicago Team:

Rahm Emanuel - Chief of Staff

David Axelrod - Political Adviser

Valerie Jarrett - Political Adviser

Michelle Obama - wife

The fifth person Obama listens to is Robert Gibbs, his press secretary, who is from Alabama (and it shows in the worst possible way).

Now, let's remember that Rahm Emanuel made, literally, millions when he was at Fannie Mae and helped the subprime crisis become a full-blown crisis by ... making things worse.

David Axelrod is one of the people behind the continued success of the Chicago political machine, an expert on "urban politics", which is basically playing off one ethnic and political group against each other, with the Chicago machine riding herd on them all. In other words, he's a political plotter and hack.

Valerie Jarrett is a perfect example of Chicago connections. She knows the Obamas because she gave Michelle Robinson - later Obama - a job "on the spot" when Ms. Jarrett was the Deputy Chief of Staff in the Mayor's office, i.e. gave out the political largesse.

Before joining the Obama campaign, she was in Chicago real estate and, tellingly, earned "more than $346,000 for service on boards of directors that reflect her political ties, and work in Chicago real estate and community development", see here.

Robert Gibbs, of course, was the campaign adviser who was extremely aggressive in attacking Howard Dean in 2004 when he advised the Kerry campaign, and was known as "The Enforcer" for aggressive rapid-response methods in dealing with opponents. It is telling that he is the press secretary: he wasn't called The Enforcer for nothing, demanding that reporters stick to the story that his candidate was telling.

Hence we have a "made man" of the Democratic Party, two political hacks, his wife and yet another political hack.

These are his advisers, people: these are fiercely partisan, no-holds-barred, zero-sum believers.

Rarely has a President been so poorly advised.

And it shows.

I'll repeat this: I know I sound like a broken record, but we simply need to demand a higher quality of work from our government.

Perhaps the President can begin by getting someone as an adviser that will tell him not what he wants to hear, but what can be done.

A train wreck in slow motion may be fascinating to watch, but it is still a train wreck.

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