Freitag, Februar 19, 2010

A Pattern Is Emerging...

Read this, and think of what I quoted here yesterday.

Let me repeat it:

I know I sound like a broken record, but we simply need to demand a higher quality of work from our government.

Put simply, those in charge of oversight, along with those who are actually doing the oversight, have failed, failed miserably.

It does not appear that there is anyone involved who actually understands how a modern economy works, can think the problems through and can prevent people from gaming the system.

As they always will. Don't think for a moment that won't happen: it's human nature to do so. Further, it's helpful, since it exposes problems and ways of exploiting the system that even the best will have overseen.

But it appears right now that the "best" are not nearly good enough. Or, more, exactly, they aren't the best.

I've talked about this here before: the prevalence of lawyers and accountants - and even lawyers who are also accountants, and accountants who are also lawyers - in management is dangerous. Not because these folks are somehow deficient or evil, but rather because they don't understand how the economy works.

They just think they do. We've seen the results.

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