Donnerstag, Dezember 03, 2009

No Plan B...

Once again the FT, this time in the supplement on the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit (CCCS).

Link to numerous articles here, but I won't go through them, as they simply reiterate the generic "knowledge" of the Climate activists.

Suffice to say that Climategate is not mentioned a single time here, although, as we now know, the data and the science behind the IPCC reports has been severely compromised.

What is especially interesting, though, is this: there is no Plan B for the Climate activists. None.

According to Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, their plan is the only plan that can "beat climate change."

Tellingly, he writes: Human-driven climate change is not a cause but a result of unsustainable economic activity.

Action is the only way to avoid climate disaster.

The solution ... will provide the biggest opportunity since the industrial revolution to rebalance economic activity towards a mroe stable and equitable path for every nation.

What he expects on Dec 17 is that the rich nations commit to economic suicide and impoverishment. Sorry, he puts it this way:

It must record the ambitious commitments of rich nations to cut emissions and provide finance.

What are these ambitious commitments?

Emission reduction targets of 25%-40% by 2020.

Emissions abatement measures for developing countries.

Short-term and long-term financial commitments of at least $10bn/year by 2012 showing who pays what and how long-term commitments are to be financed.

A system that "deploys" this finance to the priorities of developing countries and "respects" the authority of the climate change convention to define how that is done.


Oddly enough, on that same page, Sir David King points out, unwillingly, what the end result will be. You see, regardless of what the world wants the US to do, and what President Obama commits to, the US Constitution, that marvelously subversive declaration of how governments should work, requires that the the US Congress give its advice and consent to any international treaty.

Advice and consent.

Thank God for the US Constitution.

The CCCS is the most brazen and unalloyed power grab in the history of the world, at least to date. Climategate pales in comparison, yet undermines the whole premise on which to grab power.

If emissions must be reduced by 25%-40% within 10 years, this comes only at the cost of outright banning of much industrial production, resulting massive unemployment increases, severe reduction in standards of living - most people will not be able to afford a car, which, given the fact that there won't be any more being made, is a tad moot - and more than a little in increased taxes.

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