Mittwoch, Dezember 16, 2009

How to Make Friends...

No matter what it does, the Obama Administration just keeps on getting whacked.

The recent 8th Alba conference in Havana, amongst other things, condemned the US for its support of ... the "coup" against Honduras ex-President Manuel Zelaya.

This despite the fact that the US punished Honduras because the Honduran Congress and military chose to depose a President who was trying to subvert the Honduran Constitution, which is quite clear on what Presidents may or may not do. The Hondurans made the mistake of not impeaching Zelaya publicly and worsening relations with their neighbors; they chose instead to simply get rid of him by removing him from office (legally) and throwing him out of the country.

So, rather than say to the US " 'atta boy" for not recognizing the Honduran actions and by placing sanctions that cost the Honduran economy literally billions, the Alba members decided instead that they need the bogeyman of US imperialism to help them.

So the attempts of Washington to curry favor with the powers-that-be within Alba (Chavez, Castro and Morales of Ecuador) by bashing a long-time Washington ally have failed completely: such folks need the US as bogeyman more than they can dare to acknowledge US actions that contradict their belief that all evil comes the US and the world could be a wonderful socialist paradise if it were for those pesky gringos.

Well, duh: the American actions were poorly thought out and are now clearly counter-productive.

In other words, just about what we can expect from the ... professionals of the Obama Administration.

Nice work, guys. Way to go.

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