Dienstag, Dezember 15, 2009

Another Smoking Gun...Follow The Money!

We know that Al Gore has become very, very rich by scaring people.

We now also know that the titular head of the IPCC, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, is aiming to do that as well.


Follow the money here.

Now, can anyone say, with a straight face, that this is all about the science and that skeptics - denialists in the language of the warming alarmists - are obviously in the pocket of Big Oil?

I guess we can call this Big Climate: Dr. Pachauri is set to profit very, very nicely, thank you, when carbon trading picks up the way that he is apparently trying to ensure it does. Very nicely indeed.

Let's see...

There are the groups directly connected to Dr. Pachauri:

Pegasus Capital Advisors L.P.
Oil and Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.
National Thermal Power Corp
GloriOil Limited
Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Those are only the for-profit groups: there are a slew of non-profits.

The point is, go read the article linked to: there is serious money involved for Dr. Pachauri if, for instance, a global cap and trade regime were to be approved in Copenhagen or any of the following conferences (and the Good Lord help us, there will be plenty of those, especially if Copenhagen, as it currently looks, turns out to be a dud...

This is called a conflict of interest.

It's also corrupt in a most sinister way: it's as bad as the Catholic Church selling off forgiveness for sins.

It's a despicable abuse of the trust that many true believers have placed in the whole warming alarmist movement, but should come, given the people involved, as no surprise.

This has nothing to do with "saving the planet" and everything to do with making those running the show obscenely rich. It's worked for Al Gore, Dr. Pachauri just wants his as well...

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