Montag, Januar 11, 2010

Such Delicious Irony...

I refer to, of course, this.

Some "real" scientists that "belong" to the "true" group of climate scientists - i.e. folks who aren't considered skeptics, who have been peer-published, and who generally are considered part of the so-called consensus - now contradict the "established" science and point out that it's getting colder out there, folks, and will for some time.

In this case, they've identified the Arctic Oscillation as the culprit: this blocks winds at high altitude and forces air coming from the polar regions further south than "normal", which in this case means when the Arctic Oscillation is at its minimum, rather than heading into its maximum, which it appears to be doing now.

The Arctic Oscillation is apparently driven by the Pacific and Atlantic MDO or Multi-Decade Oscillations. These flip the climate from warm to cold and back again every 30 years or so.

One Professor involved gave a forecast: that by 2030 there will be talk of how an ice age is coming (and, implicitly, that we're all doomed, dooooooomed, I tell ya!) right before the oscillation turns around and things start warming again.

Now that's a forecast I can believe in...

The irony is delicious. First we had, in the 1970s, scientists warning of a coming ice age, then the warming alarmists of recent day, and now...

The cycle will continue to repeat until someone smacks down the clowns.

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