Montag, Januar 25, 2010

Green Imperialism...

This from Cato's web site, but originally from the Economic Times (India).

Those in charge of the IPCC have abysmally failed in their task: to hide inconsistencies in data and theory, to prevent anyone from noticing the man behind the curtain.

Climategate-II is also a sad example of green imperialism. Rather than accept the findings of foreign scientists alone, Jairam Ramesh, India's environment minister, appointed a panel of Indian scientists on Himalayan melting. "My concern is that this comes from western scientists ... it is high time India makes an investment in understanding what is happening in the Himalayan ecosystem."

Basically, the Indian government analyzed what was claimed by the Green Imperialists and found out that it was ... wrong. Not merely a little bit wrong, perhaps a bit too over-zealous in analysis, something that is forgivable and acceptable if you believe in the greater "truth".

But no, instead:

Various green NGOs — including one I respect, the Centre for Science and Environment — backed the IPCC against the Raina Panel. They blindly echoed western scientists with less intimate knowledge of the Himalayas than our own scientists. Stalin would have called this a case of Indian compradors acting as the lackeys of western imperialists, and on this occasion I would find it hard to disagree with him.

These green groups claim to be watchdogs for civil society, and often do a good job. But in this case they blithely allowed a hoax to go unchallenged for two years.

Hence: those whose ideology blinds them to empirical reality are the lackeys, not of western imperialists, but rather of the Green Imperialists.

And what must be the consequences?

Clearly the true climate denier is Pachauri: he swears by glacial apocalypse even after its exposure as a hoax. When the Raina panel produced solid scientific evidence challenging the glacier melting thesis. Pachauri instantly decried it as schoolboy science and said condescendingly that it was not peer-reviewed. Yet he was happily willing to sanctify schoolboy speculation on glacial melting, and so were other members of the IPCC. All their high-faulting talk of peer-reviewed science proved to be just a tactic to keep out inconvenient views. IPCC scientists responsible for this fiasco must resign. The 2007 IPCC report must be amended, preferably with an apology.

The likelihood that Pachauri, the man in charge of the IPCC, who has politically corrupted the entire IPCC with his actions, would actually do the right thing and resign, is about as likely as Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator, admitting that he had made mistakes and would turn over the government in Romania (back then) over to the party, to appoint a successor.

Instead, as Pachauri will also do, he remained until the bitter end, put up against a wall and shot with his wife to put an end to it.

Not that this will happen as such to Pauchari: rather, he will fight to the bitter end and will, at the end of the day when the entire IPCC fraud is exposed and brought to the light of day, continue to deny that he has ever done anything but Speak The Truth.

This has been the greatest problem of the Green movement from day one: the belief - sincere but misplaced - that saving the world is a chiliastic undertaking, an undertaking to bring in a new millennium where the problems of the world are solved and heaven will be ordained upon the Earth.

Just like the chiliastics of the first milllenia, the modern-day preachers of the Green Revolution, romanticists and imperialists alike, cannot abide the light of reason.

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