Sonntag, Juni 14, 2009

Oh What A Tangled Web...

This points to the next scandal: how the health industry will be driven into the ground in the name of equality and justice, that health care is a right and that those providing it need to get real and off their high horses.

Everyone's got a piece of the action already, even the reporters. Now the jousting begins, the elbows are being sharpened and the lines are being drawn.

The goose that lays the golden egg is unaware of how the victors - "Hey, I won" - are already deciding how it will be cooked. Fried or baked, boiled or grilled?

This isn't about providing health care to everyone: this has the classic signs of an organized plundering party. Pillage yes: let's leave the rape bit to Letterman.

The real joke, of course, is that we'll end up with a health care system more like Russia than Europe. The real joke is on the doctors and nurses, the health professionals whose years of training, whose years of sacrifice, will not be paid for when the system changes. They can't afford to be paid what they are worth, and hence the system will punish the workers who did the right thing in making their labor more valuable.

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

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