Dienstag, Juni 09, 2009

I Think That This Wraps Up The Problem In A Nutshell...

Regardless of your political affiliation, one thing you should expect from journalists is at least a modicum of objectivity.

I think that this quote shows how thoroughly rotten journalism has fundamentally become:

In February 2007, as NewsBusters.org noted, Thomas, an editor of Newsweek, declared: "Our job is to bash the president." But a Newsbusters item last week quotes Thomas as praising Obama to the skies, literally: "I mean in a way Obama's standing above the country, above--above the world, he's sort of God."

That from here in the WSJ.

If I were a subsriber, I'd cancel my subscription. I recently canceled my subscription to Spiegel in Germany because I simply got too tired of their rampant, constant anti-Americanism. They called to check out why, and I told them why: they claimed they weren't anti-American because they were so positive about Obama. I pointed out, gently, their blindness and hung up.

We need decent journalism. Too bad we simply don't have it.

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