Dienstag, Mai 19, 2009

Someone Else Is Starting To Get It...

It's even a member of the MSM.

In this unsigned editorial in today's FT, the editor wrote this key quote:

If you wanted to promote corruption, this would be a good way.

They're starting to realize the whole point of the Democratic Chicago Machine: it is set up to promote corruption, to make the corruption possible, by hiding and obfuscating how the corruption works. Further:

On the drawing board is a vast and unfathomably complex new system, which fosters corruption, raises little revenue and tries to suppress the incentives that are its entire purpose.

What we're talking about is Cap and Trade, which will go down in history as the largest and most blatant attempt to squeeze the public and put the money into political supporter's pockets.

Mark my words: cap and trade will be the most corrupt policy in the US since... give me a moment...

Darn. I really can't think of anything even remotely close.

If the editorialist in the FT can see this, where are the journalists in the US?

Soundly asleep at the wheel. Nowhere else.

We're talking something along the lines of $600bn over 10 years: that is the amount that the current Congress proposes to impose on the US consumer in the name of the environment, but in truth to line the pockets of those who made their election possible.

Welcome to Chicago. Welcome to the Future, as seen by the Democratic Party. Welcome to the world of the surreal.

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