Freitag, Mai 08, 2009

Further Data Points For The Trend...III

So, yet another nail in the coffin: start stacking the court. See here.

Sorry, appointing judges that have "special empathy" for a group is a direct contradiction of the idea that the rule of law is a blind rule. Deciding if a law has been broken isn't a function of who you are - except in kleptocracies and dictatorships - but rather something that should be argued out in front of a completely impartial, uninvolved arbiter whose only job is to decide whether a law has been broken or not (and what penalties should be applied.

But apparently President Obama's vision, of an America ruled by an enlightened elite that Can Do No Wrong (and who may, when it is necessary, simply ignore the law in the name of "social justice"), is too important to allow someone to say ... no.

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