Montag, Mai 25, 2009

It's No Wonder...

...that this woman is being attacked. See the article here in the FT.

Dambisa Moyo is the wet dream of any NGO, but one who has turned into a nightmare for them. She could easily be a leading figure in the western aid business, given her degrees from Oxford and Harvard, her work at Goldman Sachs and the fact that she is black and from Zambia.

Instead she has written a book called Dead Aid, a deliberate play on the LiveAid campaign of Bob Geldorf, and she is calling not for an increase in aid to Africa, but rather its end.

And she's right: western aid has turned out to be the cause of most of the corruption in Africa, since the sheer volume overwhelms and makes it easy for the modestly corrupt to become severely so. Her story is that aid has ruined Africa, and she's right.

Which is why she is now being vilified by activists, who are increasingly desperate as aid budgets are being cut in the wake of not only her relevations, but also financial crisis. She is being dismissed as simplistic and dangerous.

As if the parasites of western aid, the NGOs, aren't the ones who are simplistic and dangerous.

The aid establishment, the gaggle of NGOs that live off of despair, hunger and chaos, are scared to death that African intellectuals will tear them apart. This could be a new start for Africa: how much do you want to bet that the neo-neo-colonialists of the supranationals, the transnationals and the NGOs will work their very hardest to stop this from happening? This is the best thing that could happen to Africa: let the African intellectuals of her calibre and quality have their voices instead of the parasites from the NGOs and the transnationalist community.

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