Sonntag, Juni 29, 2008

Your Taxes At Work...

Well, at least my taxes.

Seems that there was a conference over the weekend, the Third Trans-Atlantic Conference.

Paid for by the German government, it seems. Bit of a toss-up who exactly paid for it, but if you google on "Third Trans-Atlantic Conference" you find... virtually nothing. There's a couple of links to the German Peace Forum, but their pages lead to ... nothing.

Consider what is being said here, it doesn't surprise me at all.

Apparently someone really, really didn't do their homework, or were so naive (or craven, bit of a toss-up there) to believe that inviting Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia to talk about Israel was a great idea, one that would foster better understanding.

Well, that didn't work out well, did it?

Instead, those illustrious countries mentioned above used the forum to bash Israel (duh) and there was nary a voice of opposition to be heard.

Well, isn't that special. What were the dimwits who put the conference together thinking? That inviting those countries that have the greatest investment, not merely political, but also financial, in seeing that Israel is destroyed would be one happy love fest that would bring greater understanding and further dialogue?

I would hope that Germany learns at least this one lesson: world peace is not served by pandering to fascists (Syria), thugs (Lebanon, Iran) and religious fanatics (Saudi Arabia), unless you want their true intentions revealed for all to see.

I would hope that some eyes have been opened. Apparently the German foreign ministry was there, but nothing was said. That'd have been poor form, I suppose. Don't want to jeopardize selling them the makings for bombs and the like, right? Can't have them canceling machinery orders for centrifuges, that'd be right foolish, nicht wahr?


Hat tip: PowerLine.

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