Mittwoch, Juni 18, 2008

Watermelons, Climate "Change" and Wealth...

This article here is a must-read.

Put simply - and please do read the full article - the forces of darkness are still amongst us. This sounds terribly melodramatic, but I can't see any other way of putting it adequately.

The world is facing a period of unrivaled opportunity, coupled with unrivaled threat.

The opportunity is the fact that the emerging Indian and Chinese middle class will bring massive prosperity to the world, unlike any we've ever seen before. In the next 30 years the world will change, economically, to something we've never seen: traditional western countries will decline - their citizens will be wealthier than ever - but in a good way, while more people will be lifted out of poverty than even lived 100 years ago.

This opportunity is, put simply, what will happen when business as usual proceeds. We're talking wealth beyond our dreams, or more exactly, wealth beyond the dreams of the vast majority of people, starting with the simple things - not having your children die, living to see grandchildren - and moving to the more complex, of huge agrarian societies moving into the industrial age, with all the wonders, trials and tribulations that this will bring.

It's the story of wealth, of earnings saved, of literally hundreds of millions of people who will be wondering what to do on Saturday night, rather than wondering where their next meal will come from or whether their daughter will die before the week is out.

But there are those who have dedicated their lives to ensuring that this wealth never happens. It can't be allowed, they say: our models prove that if this happens, then the world ends.

It's the watermelon people, green outside, red inside. They want their share of the wealth - of course they do, they've never worked a proper lick in their lives, or if they have, they've hated it and scheme against having to repeat it - and they'll be damned if they will let anyone have it unless it's under their control.

But being under their control means that no one will ever have it.

For me it is inconceivable that one could argue with a straight face that hundreds of millions must continue to live in poverty in order to ensure that a few may revel in nature's bounty, that a few may enjoy a pristine and unspoiled nature that, if you look more closely, only exists in the fevered minds of romantic naturalists.

Read the link and understand what really is planned for the future: deprivation, control and poverty.

You'd think that decades of experience with the fundamental contradictions of Marxism would have tricked down to even the densest, but I guess that I am a hopeless optimist...


JG hat gesagt…

Hello John,

Saw your comment at Megan's. Looks like everybody (sensible) has moved on from sci.econ days.

Regards, Jim "Grinch" Glass.

John F. Opie hat gesagt…

Hi Jim -

Great to hear from you! Ah, the good old sci.econ days...:-)

Nowadays, too much noise, not enough signal there...haven't been back there for ages.