Montag, Juni 09, 2008

Obama - The Reform Candidate

Well, this confirms something that I've suspected, but wasn't sure of.

Barack Obama is the politician who is trumpeting his reformist character of "Change we can believe in" to the high heavens.

When in reality he is a) a machine politician from that most machine political city in the US, Chicago, where he is part and parcel of the system and b) he has consistently lied and deceived not only the public, but more criminally his enthusiastic voters, about what he really stands for.

Barack Obama isn't about change: rather than being progressive, he is deeply reactionary, deeply committed to restoring the Democratic Party to a purported glorious time (that never existed) in the 1960s and 1970s, when the Machine - the deeply corrupt financing of political activity, with ties to organized crime from the get-go - controlled who became the candidates, controlled how the elections were run, and in areas of importance, would also conspire to ensure that the machine candidates also won (voting the graveyard was invented in Chicago).

Rather than be what his image claims, the candidate of the downtrodden and ignored lower and middle class, he is in fact indebted to Big Money, indebted to the highly dangerous "liberal" orthodoxy that passes for thought in the upper middle and upper class "liberals" that have made careers out of exploiting racial differences and making sure that inequalities continue and worsen.

He is, if anything, the antithesis of what he claims to be, as fundamentally dishonest as the Clintons at their heyday, and as such not worthy of the attention of any true liberal, liberal in the classic sense that has ceased to have any meaning whatsoever.

Elect Obama, and you will elect exactly the opposite of what you think he is.

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