Donnerstag, Mai 10, 2007


Good lord, what is the world coming to?

Here I am, about to link to the Daily Kos.

Really, I am. But to this.

I just hope that the link survives. Basically, an Israeli progressive set up shop over at Kos and has realized that he's not only not amongst friends, but that he's among those who actively hate and want Israel to be subjugated to the will of the Palestinians (as if anyone knew what that is...), where some of the vilest anti-semitism belongs to the code of conduct to be a good member.

But you gotta read the commentary as well: indicative of the insanity that has befallen the left: one commenter over on Kos said "the issue ... is so hijacked that it's hard to see what the reality is". Another one snidely asks: "What does an expression of concern morph into once a progressive learns the facts?"

Progressives' aren't into facts: they're into ideological utopias.

That way lies madness, as the past clearly shows: National Socialists, Marxists of Stalinist and Maoist persuasion, the 2-bit thugs and psychopathic murderers of the left in the Third World.

You'd think that people would learn from history. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the COMECON countries, the vulgar capitalization of the Chinese Communists, the collapse into corruption and kleptocracy in the Third World of "progressive regimes" should have ensured that the Left becomes synonomous with failure and stupidity.

Instead, we have not found out how to keep it in its coffin. Too many misguided fools, too many frozen mindsets, too many that cannot face the abject failure of the past and continue to see it as the future.

It's dead, boys, it's pining for the fjords. It's a ex-parrot.

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