Donnerstag, Mai 24, 2007

The truth about progressives...

You need to scroll down a bit here, but it's about time someone realized that this is true:

... progressives are less educated, on average, than conservatives; most of the people on DailyKos don't have PhDs. And too many of those allegedly uberbrilliant liberals apparently enjoy whiling away the hours on websites that consist mostly of rants about Rethuglicans and homespun theories about implausibly vast conservative conspiracies.

Just had to point people to that one. Megan is right: the whole "progressive" thing is something that most people should grow out of when they realize that the revolution sold its soul a long, long time ago and that radical utopias almost invariably end up as Gulag.

And several of the commentators have noted the fundamental difference between right-wing and left-wing talk radio: Rush, the undisputed King of talk radio, is ultimately successful because he is good at it, entertaining, doesn't indulge in ad hominem attacks (he vastly prefers satire and ridicule instead, something that the progressives appear incapable of understanding that humor in a political context can be extraordinarily effective. Just think of Reagan's "There you go again" in the debate with Carter in 1980 and, when asked at the 1984 Presidential debate about the age issue (i.e. whether he was too old to be a candidate) replied "I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience." His opponent: Walter Mondale.

The truth about "progressives" and the left is that they have become reactionary, and reactionaries need punching bags and scapegoats to survive.

And conservatives have become the new progressives, wanting to improve the lot of the common man by letting him keep his money and do what he sees fit with it: this the absolute anathema of the left.

In other words, the ideological world has inverted, and that is what dooms the left to irrelevancy.

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