Dienstag, Mai 22, 2007

And the excuse this time is...

Here is an article from the Guardian.

Read it. Iran is planning to kill as many Iraqis and US soldiers as possible. Their goal? Local dominance, bread and circus for their restive masses. Pushing the entire Middle East into a war hysteria as well, bring on the apocalypse before their time runs out.

Than ask yourself: what is the excuse this time for ignoring the threat?

Iran is preparing to inflict as large a cost as possible to the continuing US presence in Iraq: can we say "Tet"?

Remember, the Tet offensive was, militarily, a failure: the Viet Cong was destroyed as a military and political force in South Vietnam thereafter.

But US journalists, manipulated by the communists in Vietnam and venably stupid, picked it as "proof" that the Viet Cong were still in business and that the war was no longer "winnable", as if that had mattered at all.

I'm not going to speculate on what could be done up front to avoid having Teheran try to run a Tet offensive in Iraq, as I don't know enough to do so.

But I can speculate on how it will be interpreted.

Regardless of the outcome - and I think that Teheran is vastly underestimating both the firepower of US forces and the will of the Iraqis to fight - the mere fact that such an offensive is possible will have, politically, exactly the same kind of effect that Tet had. The idiot class in the US will use this to point out that we've failed. They're already saying it: it will provide them with the excuse to cut and run and to hell with the world.

Odd, their expectations. At no point did the US ever say that this was going to be easy or short. They've always been the ones claiming it was going to be fast and easy (only ex post facto, of course).

What will the excuse be this time?

They are setting the US up to be the fall guy no matter what: that is the goal here.

If the US does its intelligence right and decimates the Iranian-backed forces when they appear, the mere fact that they appeared will be trumpeted. That they failed to achieve any meaningful goals and were decimated won't matter: the mere fact of the attack is all that is needed.

If the US takes serious causalties due to surprise attacks, then the war will be considered lost by the press, with both the press and leftie pundits spreading the gospel of a repeat of Vietnam.

Never mind that it isn't; never mind that they're wrong.

They will spread it anyway.

There's that saying that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.

And the excuse this time is...

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