Freitag, März 10, 2006

Small update...

Sorry, tied up in writing texts for 170 industries...

But let me say a "I told you so".  The author makes it clear that Iran has outmanouevered the West, largely because it understands the area better and is able to better exploit a bad situation to make it effectively worse for the West.

What we are facing is most emphatically not the failed policies of a single administration or government, but the collective failure of the West in dealing with the failed Middle East. Of all the countries of the Middle East, there is really only one country that comes even close to western standards of effectiveness, productivity, rule of law and respect for human rights, and that is Israel. All others, without exception, are in one way or another failed states, with populations kept in poverty and ignorance (West Bank and Gaza: thank you UNRO for that disaster), kept under close control under religious rule (Iran especially, but Saudia Arabia as well) or simply charachterized by despotic rule and systemic corruption (pretty much everyone else).

It's not the failure of the US: it is also the failure of the UK, France, Germany, Italy etc. Western Europe's appeasement and obsession with stability has led to a situation of permanent instability that the US intervention in Iraq has stirred up. The criticism that that US has reaped for this is extraordinarily hypocritical, since we've reached the point where the problems, the failure of Islam to provide for its population and the resentments that are artificially driven to a frenzy in order to hide the fundamental failure of Islam in this area, would be getting significantly worse if the US hadn't intervened.

The problem is that the Europeans haven't realized that they must make the choice between shitty alternatives. The US has already made this, and while things could have gone better, they could've been a LOT worse. Europeans still think that they can negotiate their way into another period of pseudo-peace, thinking that they can ride out whatever wave of populism comes out of the Middle East.

In other words, they're living a fantasy.

On a more positive note, I was wondering when someone would notice this.

The democrats and their radical supporters have been spending millions and millions to achieve their goals: they haven't won once. Not once. I like saying that so much: not once. :-)

So what will these people do when Soros decides to cut his money and stop their gravy train? That thought frightens them almost as much as their fantasy interpretation of George Bush.

And this is indicative of the failure of Islam. It's a rather pathetic attempt to relevatise the achievements of the age of discovery in Europe, where the Europeans went out to discover the world, by insisting that it wouldn't have been as successful as it was without "the great scientific legacy" of Islamic scholars.

Great, nice to know, fella: so what have you done lately?

All that I can see is a fantasy world, as can be seen here. According to the chap, a Lebanese cleric, AmerIndians spoke Arabic.

Right. And monkey fly out of my ...

Enough: the failure of Islam should now be apparent. There was a great heyday of Islamic philosophy and science. It's over, guys, it's been over for more than 1000 years. What have you done lately?

What modern Islam has to offer is?

A overmagnified sense of injustice and inhumanity to thrash ignorant masses into a frenzy? Servitude and slavery for women? Denial of human rights?

It's not hard to have a negative image of Islam. It's really more difficult to have a positive one.

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