Dienstag, März 14, 2006

Hollywood and Reality...

Now this is great, the real reason that the Internet is God's gift to thinking people everywhere.

It's not just that the guy's picture looks exactyl like Sgt. Rock of comic book fame (couldn't find a drawing, but you get the idea...).

It's just the best fisking of the basic story line of Syriana I've seen.

Hollywood and the collected barking moonbats that seem to populate it no longer make dreams reality, they're no longer the dream factory of yesterday.

Instead they're now clearly what they always have been: films are vehicles to tell a story.

It's just a question of whether the story is coherent and sensible, or merely a mayhem of mishaps and mistakes.

Unfortunately, those making movies, reaping enormous monetary rewards, have come to think that making lots of money means that what you do actually means anything, and that their opinions need to be listened to as carefully as the words of scholars and experts.

Reality needs to feed those who feast upon the soul of Hollywood a good ass-whuppin' so as to establish that these maggots are the not reality, but rather, to paraphrase Monthy Python, very silly people.

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