Samstag, Januar 21, 2006

Tipping Their Hand...

This shows what Islamists want to achieve: the ability to use their religion as a political tool to allow them to be above the law. Islamists want, in order to establish Sharia, to be able to have their own judiciary and their own legal concepts.

The argument, of course, is that the Qu'ran is the literal word of God and that you cannot fault someone for following the literal word of God.

This is a very dangerous move on the side of the defense, but also for the entire judicial system in the UK: if this were to be accepted, then the Islamists have the perfect alibi: God made me do it.

I cannot comprehend why the judge is allowing this defense: if anything, the only defense I can see in this is not guilty due to insanity.

Let us hope that jury selection gives him a jury of his peers: not Islamists, but rather ordinary British citizens.

Of course, if he is convicted, this will be the rallying cry of his followers, that he didn't get a fair trial, as he was judged by non-believers. Hence he'll probably end up being viewed by the left as a political prisoner, instead of the thug that he is.

Very, very dangerous development...

And let's look at what this man considers to be the six enemies of Islam:

1) Tyrants and apostates of Islam (the internal enemy)
2) Jews
3) Christians
4) Scholars critical of Islam
5) Hypocrites (within Islam)
6) Ignorance of the Muslim community (that not all Muslims are actively involved in Jihad)

This tells us first and foremost that Islamists are so intolerant of alternative thought that they see it as their god-given right, even their duty to call for the deaths of all those opposed.

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