Freitag, Januar 27, 2006

Hamas And Israel

I'm just going to make one comment on the election of Hamas.

is financed by Iran.

So is Hizbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc.

So the pathetic editorials you can now read in the press, how important it is to engage Hamas in constructive political dialogue, is a continuation of fundamental ignorance of the nature of the threat that Israel is facing: it's not about the Palestinians.

The Palestinians are, tragically, pawns in the greater game. The greater game is the destruction of Israel.

So Europe will push for Israel to work out some sort of settlement, a quid pro quo, for dealing with Hamas, Hamas will put in place a cease-fire that will be worthless, and the killing will resume, this time without the necessity of hiding anything from the PA.

Any commentary on Hamas and what it all means must be read with this thought in mind: Hamas, or "Zeal", is an organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel, financed largely by Iran and the Saudis, with its own brown-shirts and stormtroopers dedicated to the use of violence to achieve political aims.

The real tragedy of the whole situation is that there are so many in the West who think that one can persuade Hamas to be peaceful and accept the right of Israel to exist.

And leopards change their spots, too.


Indigo Red hat gesagt…

As ugly as it will be, I see the current developemnets as ultimately good things. Hamas is out in the open with Hizbollah and al-Qaida; the destruction of Israel demanded by Iran; all the bad guys getting together in Gaza. They are no longer scattered hither and yon and the goals have been clearly spelled out - even France is seeing the writing on the wall. Peace is not the answer; peace is the goal.

John F. Opie hat gesagt…

Hi -

The problem is that there are too many people who really, really, don't want to see the things that scurry in the shadows when the lights are turned on: Hamas winning means that the lights have been turned on and things are going to get ugly.

So I agree: what has been hidden now comes into the open.

But will those that need to actually see what was in the shadows really look?

The appeasers have been out in full swing already, with talk of how this means that the West will have to deal with Hamas now, and deal with Hamas on its terms, not the West's terms, since Hamas now wears the mantle of democracy.


Thanks for the comment!