Freitag, Januar 27, 2006

Gore Lies and Credibility Dies

Can anyone tell me why Al Gore is listened to any more?

This shows how disconnected from reality he is.

According to big Al, he of "no controlling legal authority" fame, now has the absolute gall to put spin on the election in Canada.

Of course, his ignorance of Canadian politics was no barrier to his drivel. Nor did apparently anyone in his office check a fact or two.

This is the man that almost became president. We should count our blessings each and every day that Al Gore isn't president: he is, bluntly, an unmitigated disaster.

He broke the law in soliciting campaign contributions from his office, and his only defense was that there hadn't been a court case for precedence.

Think of that for a moment: maybe the reason that there hadn't been a court case is that every holder of that office before him wouldn't have thought twice about using the offce to get campaign money.

What Gore's comments show is desperation: if the Canadians turn conservative, rejecting the corruption of the liberals and get back to the business of running the country efficiently, then Gore's cronies in Canada will have to go and find real jobs.

So unemployment in Canada will increase slightly this year.

What Gore loses here is the last shreds of his credibility. Critizing party contributions, intimating that big oil "bought" the election, while being completely ignorant of Canadian campaign financing laws, which cap donations by companies at $1000/year, while private citizens are allowed to donate $5000/year. In other words, Gore doesn't know what he is talking about.

If Gore were a Republican - shudder - then the left would call him a liar. I'll just say that he has lost all credibility.

But this comes as a surprise?

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