Donnerstag, Oktober 06, 2005

Schwanitz replies

Well, Schwanitz sent me a mail on Tuesday.


He says he's sorry if he hurt my feelings, but doesn't apologize for the poster.

I'm not disappointed, since I expected nothing more than that. But it was worth the try.

My disapointment is in the lack of outrage from the rest of the SPD. Sure, Karsten Voight isn't happy about it: but he is, in the realm of the SPD hierarchy, fairly meaningless. Guess that they're a tad distracted right now from reality.

And the question remains: is the SPD so far removed from its history, from its policies until Schroeder, that it will continue to instrumentalize anti-Americanism as a political tool?

If so, the moral distance between the SPD and, shall we say, parties that are more than slightly tinged with brown, is rapidly closing and will in all likelihood disappear.

What will come next for the SPD? At the very least Schwanitz should resign and retire from public life. Or will the SPD come out next with a poster showing Schroeder eating a pork roast with the title "She would have had a Döner"?

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