Montag, Oktober 03, 2005

Putting another nail in the coffin...

One of the leftist memes is that the US military exploits poverty to recruit.

As the Germans say, ätsch-bätsch.

Let's see: 22% of enlistees come from the richest quintile of the US; 15% come from the poorest.

I guess in the left-wing world 15% is bigger than 22% because ...

Hmmm? Any takers?

And the geographical distribution is also interesting: it seems that only the Northeast and California are avoiding service.

In other words, blue states.

At least they're consistent.


Marc Schulman hat gesagt…

Don't you realize that for the post-modernist Left, there's no such thing as "truth." Words are weapons to be used (as loudly as possible)to advance their agenda. Whether the words are representations of the truth is besides the point.

So-called centrist Democrats are taking their cue from the Left. Consider their condemnation of William Bennett, as I did at the following post:

John F. Opie hat gesagt…

Hi Marc -

So true.

What can one say? Truth is irrelevant, the left has its own epistemology that basically says anything I say is true and anything anyone else says if false. It doesn't make any difference whether there is any reality: what we says goes.

That way lies the truth of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot: the truth of the mass grave.


PS: good post, good blog...

James W. hat gesagt…

Here's a quote from that commie site you linked to:

"In fact, the military isn't a generous financial aid institution, and it isn't concerned with helping pay for school. Two-thirds of all recruits never get any college funding from the military. Only 15% graduated with a four year degree. 65% of recruits who pay the required $1200 into the Montgomery GI Bill never get a dime in return."

This is propaganda pure. Any soldier who freely invests in the GI Bill and doesn't use the benefit can only blame him/herself. Apparently the author thinks the military is one huge university. Many come into the military with college degrees. Many have no interest in a college education. Furthermore, if a soldier expects to be promoted into the ranks of non-commissioned officers, or commissioned officers, he/she will not go far without college credits. That article is totally bogus.

Anonym hat gesagt…

hi there,

that's quiet an interesting information. but wouldn't it be useful to know what kind of job the typical 'educated' military volunteer gets? Arguing from an economical point of view, there is an incentive to put the 'more valueable' soldier in a higher rank, and the higher ranks are usually the safer one.

John F. Opie hat gesagt…

Anonymous -

Wrong mind-set. There are no "more valuable" soldiers: an army that thinks this way can't fight. An officer that doesn't lead his men can't get them to do what they are capable of.