Mittwoch, Mai 11, 2011

This is what the scientific community has come to...

I have, sitting in front of me, the IPCC Summary for Policymakers, from 5-8 May 2011, 25 pages of text, released on 9 May 2011. It's easily available on the web.

I've actually read it. To be honest, I had to read it three times, because I wasn't sure I was reading it right.

This is not science. One critic put it this way:

This is policy-based evidence-making. The IPCC's report on renewable energy was written by the renewable energy sector.

One point cannot be denied: the work of the IPCC has become irrefutably captured by lobbyists and special interest groups, which have permanently compromised the working of the IPCC and corrupted the process and purpose of the IPCC to the point that it cannot be taken seriously. Or anyone quoting it as gospel can be taken seriously.

The policy director of Greenpeace is one of the Lead Authors of the report.

That should tell you everything you need to know. If you are a true believer, unswayed by true scientific methodology (as opposed to pseudo-scientific self-referencing "climate science" that is anything but that) and critical questioning, then this is everything you've ever wanted.

This is not a Summary for Policymakers: it is a political pamphlet on how those who consider themselves our masters intend to spend our monies over the next three decades, lining the pockets of those who are courtiers and sycophants whilst ignoring the needs of the world's poor. Put bluntly, if this comes to pass, the world's poor will be worse off, with capital taken away from them to be spent on fanciful energy schemes that benefit only a few in the West. It will kill people because scarce resources will be squandered chasing after a chimera, rather than being spent on economic development. There is nothing in the document that suggests otherwise.

This is what the scientific community has come to. A disgrace.

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